OTHERWORLDS #1 - The Third Letter

A sumptuously stylized vision of the future city, rich in shades of grey, from the technical genius behind an array of special effects masterpieces like Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Star Trek and Iron Man 2. Amid this maze of heavy architecture, choked air, indifferent flows of the machine-driven day-to-day, one man's nine-to-five takes a k turn when a letter arrives: the third letter - no more reminders. When the cogs of administration are unstoppable, how far would you go to resist the pull toward the place they're dragging you? Best Director Prize: HollyShorts, Los Angeles, 2010 Best of Show Jury Award: Nevada City Film Festival 2010 Audience Award: Maelstrom Seattle Film Festival 2010 Official Selection: Sitges Film Festival 2010


Sometime in the near future. Three parallel universes. She dies in each one. He cant take the loss. With an unsecured technology that has accidentally made its way to the wider public, they decide to go for a ride to a fourth parallel in which she is still alive - ours. A tale of refracted light, chasing the last flicker of hope for snatching romance from death, through a hall of mirrors darkly.

The SB Chronicles, Vol. 1 2011

The first video in the Nike Skateboarding Chronicles series. Featuring Chet Childress, Clark Hassler, Daniel Shimizu, Grant Taylor, Lewis Marnell, Stefan Janoski, Wieger Van Wageningen, and Youness Amrani.

Rambling 'Round Radio Row #1 1932

Jerry Wald has to write about radio, visiting Sid Gary gives him the tip it might be more easy for him to write this article at the radio station than at his newspaper office. At the studio they listen to the Boswell Sister's rehearsal, which is interupted by some not so friendly remarks by orchestra leader Abe Lyman, they listen at the door, where a Colonel Stoopnagel broadcast is prepared, as well as to the rehearsal of a new song for an broadcast by Kate Smith.

Bouquets 1-10 1995

Bouquets 1-10 is Lowder’s first collection in an ongoing series of one minute episodes, each composed of footage shot around a general geographic location that has been alternately woven, frame by frame, into a single film reel and connected through the interstitial still life image of a flower that cues the beginning of each integrated film Bouquet. Each bouquet of flowers is also a bouquet of frames mingling the plants to be found in a given place with the activities that happen to be there at the time. Lowder uses the film strip as a canvas with the freedom to film frames on any part of the strip in any order, running the film through the camera as many times as needed.

Affitti Gray Vol. 1 2007

This one is dedicated to all writers. The long awaited and much anticipated Affiti Gray #1 is now available, feat. A solid variety of bombing, freights and walls along with a good amount of live painting actions. Containing new as well as classic footage, this video is pure graffiti – no filler content. Featuring tons and tons of quality fr8s from writers around the U.S., this video will surely please. Classic SF Graffiti. Throw ups, pieces, and tags from various writers. Live piecing on walls, live fr8 painting, live bombing and live transit painting and more. Check this one out, and enjoy the great music aswell!

Spaceflight IC-1 1965

In the year 2015, a spaceship, the IC-1, travels through outer space looking for a suitable planet to settle on. The commander, Captain Ralston, is stern and brutal in which one cadet, Steven, plots a revolt to turn the leadership of the command over to him.

Wild Bikes: Vol. 1 2006

Two-wheeled daredevils attempt to melt asphalt and break the sound barrier in this eye-popping first volume in the Real Street Racing series, which showcases high-speed street races. Action-packed footage captures extreme motorcyclists going head to head in wild contests, showing off their craziest stunts and wiping out in spectacular crashes. And to top it all off, the program features some of the coolest bikes on the face of the earth.

Russia: The Outpost Vol. 1 2013

Documentary - Russia, The Outpost Vol. 1 is a journey into the remote wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula, camping and fishing along the way, in a groundbreaking search for surf and adventure. -

Lecture 1 - (Musical Forming)

Karlheinz Stockhausen (22 August 1928 – 5 December 2007) was a German composer, widely acknowledged by critics as one of the most important but also controversial composers of the 20th and early 21st centuries. Another critic calls him "one of the great visionaries of 20th-century music". He is known for his ground-breaking work in electronic music, aleatory (controlled chance) in serial composition, and musical spatialization. February 13th 1972 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. Excerpts from KONTRA-PUNKTE, GRUPPEN, GESANG DER JÜNGLINGE, ZEITMAßZE, ZYKLUS, KREUZSPIEL, MANTRA, CARRÉ

The Story of Keeping a Dog 2011

Inu o Kau to Iu Koto is a Japanese television series which premiered on TV Asahi on April 15, 2011. Its full title is The Story of Keeping a Dog〜180 Days of a Dog Named "Sky" Stayed in our Home〜.

Special Forces: Untold Stories 2001

A new breed of warrior has emerged to fight a global plague of coups, kidnappings and assassinations: the commando. Follow these international super soldiers on actual covert missions as they take on the world’s worst villains.

Prehistoric Park 2006

Prehistoric Park is a six-episode Docu-fiction television mini-series that premiered on ITV on 22 July 2006 and on Animal Planet on 29 October 2006. The program was produced by Impossible Pictures, who also created Walking with Dinosaurs. Each episode is an hour long including commercial breaks. Repeats of the show are broadcast in the UK on Watch. The program is narrated by David Jason and presented by Nigel Marven. The fictional component is the theme that Nigel goes back to various geological time periods through a space-time portal, and brings back live specimens of extinct animals back to the present day, where they are exhibited in a wildlife park named Prehistoric Park, which is a big area between high steep mountains and ocean, with varied environments.

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