Made 2001

Two aspiring boxers lifelong friends get involved in a money-laundering scheme through a low-level organized crime group.

American Made 2017

The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.

Made 1972

This compelling emotional drama stars Carol White as a young single mother who finds herself caught between two people – a local priest and a folk singer – each of whom wants to convert her to his own worldview. An elegy to a younger generation looking for something to believe in, Made co-stars hugely influential folk-rock musician Roy Harper in his screen debut. Produced by Joseph Janni – who previously made the astonishingly successful Poor Cow with White – directed by The Long Good Friday's John Mackenzie and featuring new songs specially composed by Harper.

Made in America 1993

A young black woman discovers that her father was a sperm donor, and if that weren't bad enough, he's white.

Made of Honor 2008

Tom and Hannah have been platonic friends for 10 years. He's a serial dater, while she wants marriage but hasn't found Mr. Right. Just as Tom is starting to think that he is relationship material after all, Hannah gets engaged. When she asks Tom to be her 'maid' of honor, he reluctantly agrees just so he can attempt to stop the wedding and woo her.

Made in Dagenham 2010

A dramatization of the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination.

Made in Britain 1982

Trevor sometimes-violent skinhead with no regard for authority, and would rather spend his time stealing cars than sitting in the detention centre to which he is sent. His social worker, Harry Parker, tries to do his best, but Trevor is only interested when there’s something that he can get out of it. The authorities within the centre try to make Trevor conform to the norms of society, but he takes no notice, and would rather speak in a torrent of four-letter words and racial abuse.

Made in Italy 2018

Riko is an honest man, who can count on a group of real friends and a wife who, between highs and lows, he loves forever. But he is also a very angry man with his time, which seems to be punctuated only by backlashes and false starts.

Made in France 2015

Sam, a freelance journalist, decides to investigate the growing phenomenon of disaffected youth joining extremist groups. He infiltrates a group of four young people who have been tasked with the creation of a jihadist cell and whose mission is to destabilise the city centre of Paris.

O.J.: Made in America 2016

A chronicle of the rise and fall of O.J. Simpson, whose high-profile murder trial exposed the extent of American racial tensions, revealing a fractured and divided nation.

Somewhere 2010

After withdrawing to the Chateau Marmont, a passionless Hollywood actor reexamines his life when his eleven-year-old daughter surprises him with a visit.

Murders Made to Order 1993

Following the tragic events of Sting of the Scorpion, Maggie finds herself stripped of her rank and committed to an insane asylum. The crooked cop who put her there offers to procure her release and reinstatement - if she'll go undercover as a bar hostess to spy on the triads. The whole thing's a setup, of course, and soon Maggie is on the run from the law, as well as nursing a bad heroin addiction. She finds refuge in the criminal underworld, where she accepts a job as an undercover assassin. But when her identity is exposed, Maggie has both sides of the law gunning for her life.

Made in U.S.A. 1966

Paula Nelson (Anna Karina), a female version of Humphrey Bogart's hard boiled detectives, goes to Atlantic City to meet her lover, Richard Politzer, at an unknown point in the future (maybe 1969). Once there, she learns that Richard is dead and decides to investigate his death. In her hotel room, she meets Typhus, whom she ends up knocking out. His corpse is later found in the apartment of David Goodis (Yves Afonso), a writer. Paula is arrested and interrogated. From then on, she encounters many gangsters.

Old Man Made in Spain 1969

A widow shepherd who lives at the Aragonese Pyrenees sees how his three young daughters, Cándida, Visi, and Nieves, go to Madrid to find a better life and leave him alone. There they all get married, have sons and forget their father. One day, Marcelino receives a letter from Cándida, who wants him to stay with her family for some time. What she really wants is some help from her father, as she's not able to take care of her ten daughters and her upcoming child. Marcelino goes to Madrid, but, once there, he only finds an unknown, frantic and hostile world, and also three unhappy daughters...

Made Men 1999

A man and a woman are on the run from gangsters whom he has stolen $12.5 million. When the gangsters show up, he takes them supposedly to where the money is hidden but instead leads them into a trap at a backwoods crystal-meth factory. The gangsters and the drug dealers start a shoot-out for unknown reasons and both go gunning for Belushi. Meanwhile an unscrupulous cop is secretly having an affair with the girl friend and planning to make off with the money.

The World Made Straight 2015

In a rural Appalachian community haunted by the legacy of a Civil War massacre, a rebellious young man struggles to escape the violence that would bind him to the past.

Man Made 2019

In Man Made, Sunny tries to find out what society's ideas regarding masculinity entails. Does testosteron define your masculinity? Can men be victims? And do men suffer under these ideas? In the twentieth century, feminists have fought for the freedom of women and subsequently their emancipation. Is now the time for the emancipation of men, are they next to be set free?

We Got It Made 1983

We Got It Made is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 8, 1983 until March 10, 1984, and in first-run syndication from September 11, 1987 until March 30, 1988. The series was created by Gordon Farr and Lynne Farr Brao, and was executive produced by Fred Silverman in association with MGM Television.

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