Amit Sahni Ki List 2014

Amit Sahni (played by Vir Das) is a young and quirky investment banker, who is searching for the woman of his dreams, correction- the woman of his LIST. After a painful break-up during his teenage days, Amit has noted down all the traits that he is looking for in the perfect woman or Miss Right and every time he goes out on a date, he secretly checks to see if his date matches to the list. The interesting twists and turns that take place on account of the list and his quest for Miss Right make for an interesting comedy.

The List Film 2014

A film of the award winning live theatre production The List. A woman struggles to adjust to rural life with a young family in Quebec. Increasingly isolated, she keeps life in order through obsessive list making. As her marriage struggles she befriends Caroline. When Caroline requests a favour she adds it to her list. The difference between remembering to do it, and neglecting to take it seriously, becomes the difference between life and death. Produced in association with Screen Academy Scotland at Edinburgh Napier University.

The Rocket List 2015

More than a year has passed since the world found out about Ceres II, a dwarf planet on a clean course to devastate earth. The initial chaos that ensued has diminished; in the final weeks leading up to impact, people everywhere are trying to live normal everyday lives just one last time. Four friends use their final days to fulfill their bucket lists and document it in hopes of preserving a time capsule they call the "Rocket List". The plan is to fire off their documentary into outer space before impact in hopes that one day someone will find it.

Operation Christmas List 2015

Operation Christmas List (2016) TV-Y | 1h 28min | Family | 10 December 2016 (USA) 12-year-old Barney is on a mission to get what he really wants for Christmas this year. He hatches a plan to beat the Christmas rush and buy the entire stock of the most sought after gift, ...

The Naughty List

On Christmas Eve, two American mobsters come face to face with Santa Claus, and discover what it really takes to get on the Naughty or Nice list. Based on the short story "The Siqquisim Who Stole Christmas" by Brian Keene.

A Preferred List 1933

Leigh Jason directed short film that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Subject, Comedy.

The Lavender List 2006

A political drama about the last days of Harold Wilson's Labour government in the 1970s and his curious relationship with his personal secretary Marcia Williams

The Rescue List 2018

Two boys escape from slavery, spend a year in a rehabilitation shelter, and eventually reunite with their families. Meanwhile, the man who rescued them launches another mission to liberate more children.

D.L Hughley: The Endangered List 2012

With the black man's numbers dwindling and his habitat encroached upon (we mean you, Jeremy Lin), superstar comic DL Hughley is determined to get federal protection for his species in this boundary-busting mockumentary -- released wild and uncensored.

The A-List 2015

Eric Schultz, the most popular student at Lake O'Dell High School, is coerced by his guidance counselor, Sylvia Martin, into fulfilling a list of her high school fantasies in order for him to graduate.

The Gay List: Los Angeles 2013

Dante is One of the top comedians in the world! He was a cast member on NBC's Last Comic Standing! Winner of the most B.E.T. Comedy Awards! He has performed for more US troops than anyone since Bob Hope! Grand Prize winner of ABC's America's Funniest People! Dante has appeared in over 40 TV shows and Movies! Winner of over 20 comedy contests! He has opened for and performed with Richard Pryor, Milton Berle, Robin Williams, Andrew Dice Clay, Sam Kinison and more! He can perform Dirty to corporate clean! Dante has performed to over one million people live!

Brothers of the Black List 2014

BROTHERS OF THE BLACK LIST tells the story behind the longest litigated civil rights case in American history. It all began in September 1992, when an elderly woman in Oneonta, New York reported that she had been attacked in an attempted rape by a young Black male who cut his hand during the altercation. This led to a college administrator at nearby SUNY Oneonta giving the police a list of the names and residences of the 125 Black men who attended the school. Police used this list to track down every Black male in town, questioning them and demanding to see their hands.

The Black List: Volume Two 2009

THE BLACK LIST: VOL. 2 profiles some of today's most fascinating African-Americans. From the childhood inspirations that shaped their ambitions, to the evolving American landscape they helped define, to the importance of preserving a unique cultural identity for future generations, these prominent individuals offer a unique look into the zeitgeist of black America, redefining the traditional pejorative notion of a blacklist.

Million Dollar Listing Miami 2014

"Million Dollar Listing" has expanded into the sexy city of Miami where three luxury real estate agents battle it out in the world of high-end real estate. With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before. The mansions are bigger, the high-rises are taller, the amenities are more lux and the locals have access to amazing views, beaches and a lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the world. Business can get heated as the brokers attempt to make a name for themselves and outshine their competition by landing the next big listing in America’s hottest city.

Top lista nadrealista

Top lista nadrealista also known as Nadrealisti was a sketch comedy and variety television show airing on TV Sarajevo in three separate installments from 1984 until 1991. It originated from a 15-minute radio comedy segment, broadcast as part of the Primus programme on Radio Sarajevo's channel two during early 1980s. After establishing a core radio audience locally in the city of Sarajevo, Top lista nadrealista got spun off into a television sketch series. Two more series of shows on television followed, making household names of its protagonists all over SFR Yugoslavia and helping launch successful television, film, and music careers for some of them. 'Top lista nadrealista' started in 1979 as a segment on Boro Kontić's weekly programme called Primus on Radio Sarajevo. Conceptualized by the programme's host Kontić as a radio showcase opportunity for young talents in the area of media communications, the segment went through a number of youths in its first two years before the 1981 arrival of a teenage group of friends from the Sarajevo's Koševo neighbourhood who were already involved with various forms of artistic expression. With the arrival of the Koševo kids, led by Nele Karajlić and Zenit Đozić, the segment assumed a more comedic tone, quickly achieving wider popularity and expanding its listenership around the city. By 1984, the radio segment got made into a TV sketch series on TV Sarajevo.

The Listening Post

Listening Post is Al Jazeera English's weekly media review show. It casts a critical eye over not just what gets reported, but how it's reported - covering the coverage of the news & analyzing global events through the prism of the media.

Million Dollar Listing San Francisco 2015

The Bay Area is in the midst of a real estate boom, with many young tech workers calling the area home and willing to spend big bucks for some of the most expensive properties in the U.S. Competition in the market is stiff, and agents are always competing to land new clients; three of those agents are profiled in this series. San Francisco native and luxury broker Justin Fichelson is a pro at networking, and his relationships with venture capitalists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs help him get ahead in the game. Roh Habibi, who was born in Afghanistan but raised in the Bay Area, is willing to do whatever it takes to close a deal, which has helped him make it to the top of the profession in just a few years in the business. Andrew Greenwell's philosophy -- go big or don't go at all -- has helped lead him to become CEO of a real estate company.

Buddy Holly: Listen to Me; The Ultimate Buddy Party

Buddy Holly: Listen to Me; The Ultimate Buddy Party is a recording of the event held on September 7, 2011, to celebrate on would have been Buddy Holly's 75th birthday Buddy's birthday, while supporting fundraising for PBS. Produced by Songmasters, with Peter Asher acting as music supervisor and producer and Waddy Wachtel as music director, the event brought together artists such as Stevie Nicks, Lyle Lovett, Raul Malo, Patrick Stump, Chris Isaak, Graham Nash, Boz Scaggs, Michelle Branch, Shawn Colvin, Cobra Starship, Paul Anka, Phil Everly, James Burton, and Albert Lee. Others, such as Keith Richards, Ringo Starr, Jackson Browne, shared memories via video message. Buddy's widow Maria Elena Holly, seated beside Phil Everly was in attendance, singing along with every song. The event was also filmed for a PBS pledge drive special featured throughout USA during December 2011 and May/June 2012.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 2016

This unconventional, surrealist comedy follows an exhausted high school boy who, despite multiple attempts from his friends, still manages to spectacularly... sleep. Much to the chagrin of the energetic (at times bossy) Oota, Tanaka is often found in a blissful state of lethargy, possessing the ability to doze off in any situation, especially in mid-sentence!

Listen to Me, Girls. I'm Your Father! 2012

Segawa Yuta is a freshman of a university. He lost his parents when he was small and was raised by his sister Yuri. Yuta has been living alone since Yuri got married to a middle aged man when Yuta was a junior high student.  One day, Yuri visited Yuta's apartment and asked him to take care of her three daughters while Yuri and her husband were on a trip. He unwillingly accepted the job but the plane Yuri took went missing. In order to prevent the daughters from being adopted separately by relatives, Yuta decided to take in all three girls.  A life of a strange family in a tiny apartment begins.

Atención Atención

An educational TV show for pre-schools, entertaining one through five years old with a unique blend of live performances, original music and colorful animation. Charming and droll characters entertain the audience with musical numbers and short skits. The Atención Atención band uses pop-rock music to deliver educational content in a cheeky, humorous way. A cast of characters teach the audience about language, math, social skills and arts.

Can You Hear My Heart? 2011

Can You Hear My Heart is a South Korean television drama broadcast by MBC starring Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Jae-won and Namgoong Min. It aired on MBC from April 2, 2011 to July 10, 2011 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:45 for 30 episodes.

If Tomorrow Comes 1986

Tracy Whitney was in love, pregnant and engaged to marry into one of America's best family. And then, with one phone call, she lost everything. After 5 years of unjust imprisonment, Tracy emerges from prison a new woman. Cunning. Ruthless. Determined to survive. But there is one man as formidable as she is. As their paths crisscross, they eventually become daredevil partners in an adventure that climaxes their criminal careers.

Devices and Desires 1991

A particularly vicious serial killer is stalking the Norfolk coast in the vicinity of the Larksoken nuclear power station. The press have branded him 'The Whistler' because witnesses have heard a hymn being whistled in the vicinity of the murders. His trademark is the letter 'L' carved on the forehead of his victims. L for Larksoken? At first, his victims seem to be chosen entirely at random - women in the wrong place at the wrong time - but then two women employed at the nuclear power station are murdered in quick succession...

My Wife's Having an Affair This Week 2016

Do Hyun-Woo has worked as a PD for the past 10 years. He learns that his wife is having an affair and doesn't know what to do. Do Hyun-Woo, who tries to protect his marriage, talks with anonymous people through online social networks.

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