Good Will Hunting 1997

Will Hunting has a genius-level IQ but chooses to work as a janitor at MIT. When he solves a difficult graduate-level math problem, his talents are discovered by Professor Gerald Lambeau, who decides to help the misguided youth reach his potential. When Will is arrested for attacking a police officer, Professor Lambeau makes a deal to get leniency for him if he will get treatment from therapist Sean Maguire.

Game of Hunting 2017

Headhunter Zheng Qiu Dong doesn’t know the meaning of defeat. There is no limit to how much he is willing to do to succeed in the hunting ground that is the world of business. He is also incredibly close to his girlfriend, Luo Yi Ren, and truly cares for his best friend from college, Bai Li Qin. Along with the guidance of his mentor Lin Bai, Zheng Qiu Dong tries to rise to the top and goes to war with other headhunters and businessmen. These include the shady and relentless Yuan Kun and the very capable and very dangerous Chen Xiu Feng. It’s a battle of quick wits, and Zheng Qiu Dong slips up. He loses it all. Now out of both time and luck, Zheng Qiu Dong is in prison and at the end of his rope. But if there’s one thing Zheng Qiu Dong doesn’t know, it’s how to give up. With the help of his prison comrade Liu Liang Ti, the once successful Zheng Qiu Dong has to get it all back. But as the former headhunter soon learns, this hunt quickly becomes a game of death.

Hunting Hitler 2015

An FBI cold case that has laid dormant for 70 years, leads a group of world-renown investigators on the ultimate manhunt to finally answer the question: Did Adolf Hitler survive World War II?

Hunting Season 2012

Hunting Season is an American LGBT-themed comedy-drama web series created by Jon Marcus. Following the romantic and sexual exploits of Alex (Ben Baur) and his small group of friends in New York City, the story was inspired by and largely based on the 2005–08 blog The Great Cock Hunt and the 2008 novel of the same name published by Kensington Books.

Hunting ISIS 2018

Follow along as American fighters embedded with the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria, and medics supporting a coalition of local forces in Iraq, begin the difficult push to retake ISIS’ capital cities.

Hunting Venus

Hunting Venus is a British television comedy-drama starring Martin Clunes and Neil Morrisey as former members of a 1980s pop group. The one-off drama was broadcast on ITV on 31 March 1999, and was produced by Buffalo Pictures for Yorkshire Television. The plot follows former pop-star turned con artist Simon Delancey is kidnapped by two fans of his eighties band the Venus Hunters, and blackmailed to re-form the band for one final show. Jools Holland appears as himself, and also wrote the song "Starburst", The Venus Hunters' biggest hit. A compilation album was released to accompany the drama featuring songs from the 1980s.

Hunting 201

Hunting 201 is a television series hosted by Kim Hicks that aired on the Outdoor Channel during the mid-2000s. The show still airs in reruns.

Fishing and Hunting Club

Fishing and Hunting Club was a short lived DuMont Television Network program aired on Fridays at 9pm ET from October 7, 1949 to March 31, 1950. At one point the name of the show changed to Sports for All. The 30-minute program was hosted by Bill Slater. In the program, panelists answered questions about fishing and hunting. Little else is known about the program.

Hunting Chris Ryan 2003

Hunting Chris Ryan is a documentary produced by the BBC in 2003. It comprised three hour-long episodes, each pitting SAS veteran Chris Ryan against a four-man 'Hunter Force' whilst he completed a set objective, his mission being evasion and ultimately extraction once the objective was complete. The series was re-released in the United States as Special Forces: Manhunt, broadcast on Discovery's The Military Channel.

Tiny House Hunting 2014

Tiny House Hunting follows realtors as they help a pair of tiny home seekers find the perfect existing mini-space. Whether it’s a potential full-time home in the Rockies or a tiny beach getaway on the coast of Florida, each potential homeowner will be shown three different abodes and then decide which is the best fit for them. The series will showcase families on the hunt for something new while bringing a fresh perspective to “scaling back.”

Hunting Nazi Treasure 2017

This exciting series chronicles one of the greatest heists in history and the present-day efforts to locate valuable objects and artwork stolen by the Nazis at the end of World War II and return them to their rightful owners. With hundreds of thousands of items worth billions still missing to this day, the series reveals what was stolen, how it was stolen, and leads the hunt for this lost treasure.

A Family Goes Job Hunting 2017

Yosuke is a middle aged businessman who has a wife and two kids; wife is a teacher, his son a job-hunting student, and his daughter has a good job. His family is looking forward to buying a new house as Yosuke is about to be promoted soon. But one day, he is forced to leave the company because of a gossip con set up by his colleague! He loses his job but he cannot tell that to his family. At the same time his wife and daughter are also facing problems at their work, both thinking to quit because dad’s job is secured. When they find out dad left the company, can they support him or...?

Ghosthunting With... 2006

Ghosthunting With... was a British paranormal television programme based on investigating purported paranormal activity. Yvette Fielding hosts the programme, broadcast on digital channel ITV2 between 2006-2011, where she took celebrities to haunted buildings to investigate.

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