Zero to Sixty 1978

A divorced man hooks up with a street-smart 16-year-old who makes her living by repossessing cars from their owners.

In My Sister's Shadow 1997

Joan Connor is a lonely florist who falls for her little sister's ex, even though he is stalking the younger woman.

Should a Schoolgirl Tell? 1969

Schoolgirl Josefine learns from an early age to use sex to gain advantages. The school's gym teacher is arrested and accused of indecent behavior but the court dismisses the case when Josefine uses her female charm on the jurors.

Bloodfight 1988

Greene plays an up and coming boxer with a powerful right hand and a heart of gold. He works night shifts in a bar and has a girlfriend whose father played by Ernest Borgnine disapproves of the relationship thinking Greene is a no good for nothing loser. To prove himself Greene catches the attention of a local boxing promoter played by Giuliano Gemma who decides to make a champion out of his newfound protégé.

The Swinging Co-eds 1972

Young women come to Munich for fun and work during the '72 Olympics and invariably wind up naked.

Never Get Busted Again 1: Traffic Stops 2007

Watch Barry Cooper, a former police officer in Texas focusing on narcotics interdiction for eight years, teach you exactly what you need to know to stay out of jail. With over 800 felony and misdemeanor narcotics arrests, DEA Training, and extensive experience with K-9 drug dogs, Barry's friendly, plain spoken and honest attitude makes it easy and entertaining for you to LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. Much of this information has never been seen by the public before and this is the first time it has all been available from a single source.

Multiple Personality Detective Psycho - Kazuhiko Amamiya Returns 2000

Yosuke Kobayashi, a detective assigned on a homicide unit, saw his wife killed by a serial killer, Shinji Nishizono. From a shock he suffered MPD (multiple personality disorder) and became Kazuhiko Amamiya. Soon after he managed to hunt down and killed the murderer of his wife, new series of murders have occurred and the suspects claimed to be Shinji Nishizono himself. Is it really him? Or a copycat? And who is Kazuhiko Amamiya?

Genkai in a Black Company 2009

After the death of this mother, Masao Oneta (Teppei Koike) decides to leave the comfort of his room after years of self isolation and get a job. He lands a position at a small IT firm but doesn't yet realise this company is one of many 'black companies', known for overworking their employees.

3 2012

Dissatisfied with his new life (and wife), a man tries to insinuate himself back into the home of the ex-wife and daughter he left ten years before, in this heartwarming and hilarious comedy-drama from Uruguayan director Pablo Stoll Ward (25 Watts, Whisky).

The Last Blood 1983

A soldier attacks his corrupt superior officer and is court marshalled but before he can be sent to a firing squad he escapes...

March Goes out Like a Lamb 2017

The time spent between professional Shogi player Kiriyama and his three stories helps to heal his wounds. As he prepares to secure another win in an upcoming tournament, the father who left the three sisters appears and disturbs the peace.

The Five Cents of Lavarede 1939

Some try to travel around the world with a time constraint, but Lavarède has to perform an even harder task than Phineas Fogg. His assignment is to go around the globe with a mere five cents coin. Worse, he can't even spend it or else he will not come into the money of his inheritance. To make sure Lavarède plays by the rules of the game, two supervisors stick to him like a shadow. Will the young man meet this unbelievable challenge?

Destino: Estambul 68 1967

A flood of counterfeit dollars flooded the global market and is creating alarm in governments around the world. Jeff, a dynamic young journalist is commissioned by the director of his newspaper, to investigate a very strange case: find out the whereabouts of his friend, Professor Norton, who’s mysteriously disappeared.

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