Bicycle Thieves 2013

The film revolves around a guy and three others earn their living by stealing bicycles and selling them.

Bicycle Thieves 1948

Antonio, an unemployed man in the depressed post-WWII economy of Italy, at last finds a good job hanging up posters, the only requirement for which is that he must have his own bicycle. When Antonio’s bicycle is stolen, he and his son are forced to walk the streets of Rome in search of it, or else face ruin.

We Weren't Just Bicycle Thieves: Neorealism 2013

This short film tells the story of the most important cinema trend that Italy has ever produced - Neo Realism. Born after the Second World War, this veritable cultural revolution rapidly became a boundless source of inspiration for movie-makers throughout the entire world. Even today it influences those wanting to produce quality movies characterized and identified as Italian products able to be exported as well. It is precisely one of the masters of this unique current rich in different personalities who introduces the story - Carlo Lizzani - whose 'lesson' reconstructs the birth and development of Neorealism in Italy. It combined innovative movie techniques with a new view based on a 'true' interpretation of reality. Due to its high cultural value, this short film was given the highest reknown of the Presidency of the Republic of Italy.

Thieves 2001

Two high-class thieves caught red-handed strike a deal with the FBI to avoid imprisonment: put their skills at the service of an inter-agency task force whose mission is to recover missing and stolen government property.

Monkey Thieves

Monkey Thieves, also known as Rebel Monkeys, is a documentary series produced by National Geographic, examining the habits and social interactions of Rhesus Macaques in the city of Jaipur, in northwestern India. Monkey Thieves follows a family of urban macaques within Jaipur's 'Pink City' and all the drama that comes from living close to humans. The series tells the story of the "Galta Gang", a sixty-strong troop that lives in the Galta Temple, a beautiful Hindu temple on the outskirts of Jaipur. This enduring and entertaining bunch live in luxury because worshipers believe they personify Hanuman, the cherished 'Monkey God' who banished evil in the Indian epic Ramayana. Defending their prized home from invaders including neighboring langur monkeys and other troops of macaques, as well as exploring Jaipur in search of food and adventure, keeps this remarkable troop in action.

Thick As Thieves 1974

British ITV sitcom starring John Thaw and Bob Hoskins as two friends in a love triangle.

Thieves Like Us 2007

Petty thieves Bex and Ollie are content with being small time crooks, they shy away from any big jobs and abhor violence. Their girlfriends are in the dark about what how the boys make their living. This BBC series is based on the Danny King novel The Burglar Diaries.

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